July 21, 2024

‘Cheerleader’ Jonathan Owens says he loves to be for wife Simone Biles: “It’s Simply Amazing” (Privilege)

After training camp, the Chicago Bears safety will spend a few days in Paris (for the first time) and witness the G.O.A.T. create history at the Olympics.
In Paris, Jonathan Owens is prepared to support Simone Biles!

The Chicago Bears safety is expressing his excitement about seeing the most decorated gymnast of all time—who also happens to be his wife of one year—soar to new heights as a part of her third Olympic team, less than three weeks before the Summer Olympics get underway.

It’s so thrilling simply because I get to see all of the previous work that she did, and guess what? Everything she experiences, including her interactions with the media,

The football player, who is about to make his own impression this season on a new squad, can also value the tenacity of the G.O.A.T.

Bears' Jonathan Owens 'super proud' of wife Simone Biles for pushing hard  to make Paris Olympics | Fox News

“I enjoy observing [it] from the standpoint of an athlete, as that’s how one would excel in any sport: by being reliable and performing the same task well each and every day,” he says. “You see what I’m saying? I enjoy both watching it and participating in it as a cheerleader.
Owens has learned how to keep score in the stands while sitting next to Biles’ parents, siblings, and other family members. He was observed doing this at the Olympic trials and the gymnastics finals last month, and he claims he’s always learning new things about the sport.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his job as a “supportive” husband, he says, “I know the routines.” “I’m lowering the score.” I have to focus if I want to pay attention to it. I’m going to dive right in. In order for me to speak the language of gymnastics, I had to make sure I did some research.
Biles, 27, disclosed last week that Owens will take a few days off from the training camp of his new NFL team in order to fly to the Games.

The seven-time Olympian declared after trials, “He’ll be there, the Bears are actually giving him a couple days off from training camp.” “Yes, but only for a brief moment.”

However, Owens depends on sports drinks from GoodSport, a Chicago-based company started by women, when he’s exercising.

However, the football player’s first trip to Paris will bring the duo together, and watching Biles compete will take precedent over his workouts. However, there are also plans to go shopping and see some art, according to Owens.

“I’m prepared. I’m thrilled,” he declares to PEOPLE. “I am eager to see,”

However, Owens depends on sports drinks from GoodSport, a Chicago-based company started by women, when he’s exercising. He learned about GoodSport last year. Because of his sickle cell trait, Owens is oxygen-deficient and requires extra hydration during games. This is where their beverages come in handy.

In essence, you are more likely to get cramps when you are low on oxygen. Additionally, you have to be available to start in the NFL. It is not possible for you to be on

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