July 22, 2024

Impact of SEC transfer quarterbacks on Media Days roster and starting lineups for the 2024 season

Six SEC schools are sending a transfer quarterback to speak at Media Days, including Mississippi State.

A quarterback had to earn the right to speak for an entire team before he could do so in the distant past, perhaps four years ago or so. Had to deliver plays, win games, and win seasons in addition to landing the starting position. Usually several seasons.

This has altered, much like a lot of other things in the sport. A couple of league teams will be represented by a quarterback who hasn’t taken a live game snap in their uniform, according to the roster for next week’s SEC Media Days. By a triggerman who had played a spring game on his new “home” field.

UNC Basketball: Hubert Davis shares emotional postgame moment

Okay. There’s more to this tale than just Mississippi State and Arkansas sending quarterbacks fresh off their programs to the SEC summer press conference. The fact that eleven of these quarterbacks started their college careers somewhere else is what truly sticks out about this Media Days roster.


Armando Bacot nearly transferred from UNC to VCU as underclassman

After Roy Williams retired after his sophomore season, former UNC standout Armando Bacot almost transferred. Through NIL, he remained with the Tar Heels and rose to become one of the highest-paid players in collegiate basketball. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Bacot intended to play for VCU, but he ultimately made the decision to remain with one of the top teams in the ACC.

Two-time All-American and Chapel Hill all-conference star Bacot said he “would’ve gone crazy in the A-10” with the Rams.

On the podcast “Run Your Race,” hosted by Theo Pinson, Bacot stated, “I was going to transfer after my sophomore year.” “Coach Williams had left, but I had an amazing year. April Fool’s Day was when he announced he was going, although I kind of had an

Bacot had an ACC-best 10.3 rebounds per game in 2023–24, his fifth and last season at UNC, while averaging 14.5 points. After going undrafted in the 2024 NBA Draft, he inked a free agent contract with the Utah Jazz using Exhibit 10.

Williams finalized his choice to stay, which led to Hubert Davis being hired by UNC, according to Bacot.

“Coach Davis, the man who was always there to support and encourage me when I needed it, was the one who brought me in. That was it, Coach Davis announced his arrival,” Bacot remarked. “I knew I was staying at Carolina.”

After the 2022–2023 season, Bacot has the opportunity to go pro, but he returned with the prospect of big NIL prospects. He opened a goods store, signed

When it came to NIL going into force halfway through his undergraduate tenure, Bacot stated, “I had no clue.” “I was unsure of my actions. It’s not long before you become a millionaire from [earning no money]. It was absurd. We were unaware of it. I earned over $2 million. But I say that with humility. That refers to North Carolina’s brand. I wouldn’t have been working at Turbo Tax and other companies if I hadn’t been to North Carolina.”

After the 2022–2023 season, Bacot has the opportunity to go pro, but he returned with the prospect of big NIL prospects. On July 1, 2021, after the NCAA passed new NIL laws, he opened a merchandise store, got many sponsorship deals, and made an appearance in a Netflix series. He disclosed that he

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