June 14, 2024


Journalist says £43m player is more likely to sign for Arsenal than Alexander Isak.


Arsenal is rumored to be searching for a new striker as the summer transfer window approaches.

The north London team will soon start adding players to their list of targets as the transfer market opens in a few weeks. The Gunners have been linked to a new center-forward for months.

Numerous strikers have been connected to Arsenal, and Charles Watts has been talking about potential signings for the team on Inside Arsenal.

The writer mentioned recent connections to Alexander Isak. He believes that because Kai Havertz is performing so well, Arsenal will not pursue someone like Isak and that Benjamin Sesko is a far more likely target.


Benjamin Sesko of Leipzig lines up prior to the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 round of 16 first leg match between RB Leipzig and Real Madrid CF at ...

Benjamin Sesko more likely to join Arsenal than Alexander Isak

Watts spoke about these two strikers.

“I can see why Arsenal might be thinking we don’t need to go for an Alexander Isak when they have Havertz doing what they’re doing. I wish they would, but they probably won’t, I think they will look at a Sesko,” Watts said.

Isak would be a better option

Sesko may be more likely to join Arsenal this summer, but there’s no doubting who the better option would be.

Isak is proven in the Premier League, he’s sharper on the ball, and he scores more goals.

Of course, at the age of just 20, Sesko has plenty of time on his side to grow and improve to get onto Isak’s level, but, as Arsenal know, there’s no such thing as a guarantee in football when you’re talking about a young player.

At £43m, Sesko would be the much cheaper option, but if Arsenal are genuinely intent on challenging for the Premier League and the Champions League next season, perhaps they should push the boat out and get a deal for Isak done.



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