July 24, 2024

What Jonathan Owens Tells Simone Biles, His Wife, Before a Major Tournament

Chicago Bears security Thanks to his wife, one of the greatest Team USA gymnasts of all time, Jonathan Owens now refers to himself as “a gymnastics guy”. Ever since the two started dating in 2020, he has observed Simone Biles in action. In2023, they tied the knot.

Being an athlete himself, 28-year-old Owens understands the need of poise and confidence on competition day. He revealed to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview what he says to 27-year-old Biles before she competes. “Really it is not much motivation you need to do, just because you don’t want to put extra, added pressure on anyone,” Owens stated. “I tell her to simply go do what she loves to do, baby.Give her a kiss while she’s still on the field, and we can

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That support is reciprocal. According to Owens, Biles has a major role in his sporting achievement. “You get a different type of focus whenever you just have this one person that you’re focusing on,” he said. And while I’m not saying that being single is bad, I have to admit that since meeting Biles, I’ve played a lot better. I’ve simply been locked in and concentrated, and when you come home and we speak about our days and play with the dogs, you know what I mean? That just seems natural to us.”

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As part of his collaboration with GoodSport, a naturally energized sports drink that Owens started consuming during training camp in 2023, he chatted with Us. When Owens noticed improvements in his performance, he took the initiative to contact the brand directly to inquire about a collaboration. Before the 2024 Olympics in Paris, get to know the American women’s gymnastics team.

According to Owens, “Our partnership started so organically.” “I truly feel like I’m interested in this, and it’s showing in my performance. And I did feel hydrated and renewed. So my manager and I made the decision to get in touch and we sent GoodSport a simple Instagram direct message that said, “Hey, what’s up?” really enthusiastic about the product. We would adore taking action if we

For the time being, Owens is preparing for the Olympics by working through his offseason until NFL training camp begins later this month. Though both are busy right now, Owens isn’t concerned about what will happen in a few weeks. “I’m a big believer in being where your feet are,” he stated. “You get to looking ahead [or] forward to being done or whatever it is…you might take for granted the moment that you’re in.”

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