July 22, 2024

For the 2024–25 season, order the Boston Bruins forwards from worst to top.

In 2024–2025, the should field a forward group among the top 10 in the NHL, but who is the best player on the team?
The Boston Bruins are one team that has a very interesting bunch of forwards for the 2024–25 campaign. Over the last two seasons, Boston was exceptional in the regular season, and a large part of that success was attributed to their forward group.

But is this truly the year for an ultra-deep playoff run, with maybe their strongest group yet for the 2018 campaign? That is contingent upon the team’s finest centers and wingers reaching new heights; we will select those guys today.

In our rankings, which forward held the top spot, and what

15 – Patrick Brown

A probable extra who spent 11 games last season on the Bruins’ roster and has 149 games played over eight seasons. Oskar Steen and Vinni Lettieri will probably compete with Patrick Brown for playing time with the big club.

14 – Oskar Steen

Additionally, Oskar Steen is merely an extra player who contributes barely ten minutes per game. However, when his name is called to record quality minutes, he becomes a key player for a physical club such as the Boston Bruins.

13 – Vinni Lettieri

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Before appearing on the ice for 46 games with the Minnesota Wild in the previous season, Vinni Lettieri dressed for just one game with the Bruins in 2022–2023. Though he is another member of the fourth line/extras who will be more than happy in a checking duty, don’t expect him to log more than 10 minutes every game.

12 – Mark Kastelic

Mark Kastelic wasn’t the simplest player to find, even though I knew he wouldn’t be high on this list. The former Senator from Ottawa won’t play more than ten minutes a night, but he’s another powerful player who can bolster Boston’s lower lines’ physical attributes. His career faceoff win % of 56.3 adds even more value.

11 – Justin Brazeau

Only 19 NHL games were played by Justin Brazeau last season; it is all the games he has played in his career. Brazeau, like Oskar Steen and the others we’ve already talked about, is likely to see only fourth-line minutes, so he’ll be getting plenty of ice time and body checks. He did, however, record seven points and two goals in the previous campaign, indicating that he has deep scoring potential.

10 – Max Jones

Another player who will probably compete for playing time on the lower lines is Max Jones, a younger player who will provide the Bruins with a powerful and physically strong depth addition. If Jones shows himself in the preseason, he should provide the Bruins with 12 to 13 minutes each game, unlike some of the other names that were previously discussed.

9 – John Beecher

John Beecher, another possible fourth-liner, might develop into a fourth-line regular in 2024–25 after a season in which he won 54.6 percent of his faceoffs and managed a decent seven goals in 52 games. Since Beecher is only entering his 23rd season, things can only get better from this point on.

8 – Matthew Poitras

It’s likely that Matthew Poitras will remain with the major league team this season after an injury derailed his promising debut campaign. Poitras, who finished 33 games with a good 15 points and five goals, will rise through the ranks the fastest if healthy.

7 – Morgan Geekie

One of the younger players I’m most excited to watch in 2024–25 is Morgan Geekie, who finished 2023–24 with a career high of 17 goals and 39 points from 76 regular season games. Another powerful batter in this lineup, Geekie will have no trouble fitting in the center of the six. If he ends up becoming the Bruins’ breakout forward for the season, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

6 – Trent Frederic

Trent Frederic is one of the youthful players that make up the Bruins’ core, even though they may not be the youngest club in the NHL. Similar to Geekie, he is physically strong and among the Bruins’ hardest-hitting forwards. With 40 points and 18 goals in 82 games at the end of the season, he will be another player to keep an eye on in 2024–25.

5 – Elias Lindholm

Elias Lindholm is a rookie who could have scored better if he had been more reliable in the later part of the season. However, he settled into a groove during the playoffs, and Bruins supporters will be happy he joined the team if he continues to play at that level in 2024–25.

4 – Charlie Coyle

After returning to the Bruins for the previous season, Charlie Coyle scored 25 goals and 60 points to make an immediate impact. Coyle continued to be a tough-hitting, defensive-minded forward and was among the better faceoff players for the Bruins. I put Coyle at No. 4 in these rankings because of his all-around play, even if you can argue he only had one 60-point season in his career.

3 – Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand, who scored 29 goals and accumulated 67 points in 2023–24, is still among the team’s greatest players even as he approaches his 36th season. Although Marchand isn’t as effective as he once was, few fans should be shocked if he manages to score more than 65 points in a season before he retires, whenever that may be.

2 – Pavel Zacha

Pavel Zacha had a great season with 59 points, and his stock is still rising, so a 65–70 point campaign is not out of the question. Like Charlie Coyle, he will win more faceoffs than he loses, which complements the Bruins’ tough style.

1 – David Pastrnak

Not only is David Pastrnak the best forward on the Boston Bruins, but he is among the best in the National Hockey League and has every right to be a strong contender for the Hart Trophy. Expect between 45 and 60 goals from him in the 2024–25 season; he has scored 110 points or more in each of the previous two seasons.

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