June 25, 2024

Jared Dudley’s tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers is officially over as the 14-year veteran is starting a new chapter.

Dudley, who signed back-to-back minimum deals with L.A. the last two seasons, was reportedly unlikely to return for a third contract.

With the Lakers prioritizing a point guard and a wing for two of the final three roster spots — L.A. wants to keep the last spot open to maintain flexibility — Dudley’s time seemed over since he doesn’t check those boxes.

Dudley served as a stretch four in his first season in L.A. while moving up a position as a small-ball center in certain lineups, though his minutes per game have diminished as he accumulated more years under his belt.


Dudley was revered on the roster because of his leadership presence, which led many to speculate Dudley could be moved to a front-office role with L.A. since he didn’t factor much on the court.

Though the 36-year-old veteran is becoming a coach now, it won’t be with the Lakers. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported the Dallas Mavericks have hired Dudley as an assistant coach:

Dudley joins head coach Jason Kidd’s staff in Dallas; the two have been rivals on the court for a long time but also got close during Kidd’s time as an assistant coach the last two seasons for Los Angeles.

Kidd also brought over Greg St. Jean from L.A.’s staff for an improved position with the Mavericks.

NBA insider Marc Stein was the first to report Dallas’ discussions with Dudley for the gig.

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