June 22, 2024

The landscape of professional boxing has witnessed a massive change in the past few years. Influencer boxing has taken the world by storm, with the likes of Jake PaulKSI, and Salt Papi, amongst others, emerging as some of the megastars. The English influencers have been at the forefront of the movement, with ‘Misfits’ emerging as the home for influencer boxing. Things took a massive turn last week as reports emerged about how the organization was in touch with Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney over a guest appearance at one of their pay-per-views!

The former English striker addressed the rumors during his latest appearance on ‘The Overlap’, talking about his involvement. While on the podcast, they showed the soccer icon a clip from a previous episode where Eddie Hearn, an English boxing promoter, discussed Rooney’s fascination with the sport. Former United teammate Gary Neville took things even further by adding Rooney vs Jake Paul at Old Trafford would be a sight for the ages.

However, the former Birmingham City manager was quick to decline the offer. Rooney stated, “You never know! No, they have been in touch, and yeah, I’ve been asked the question. But at the minute, I want to focus on getting back to man management, not boxing. There have been a few, and obviously, Misfits have been in [touch], and that’s been all over the news, but whatever.”

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