June 16, 2024

A few days back, Holger Rune parted ways with the former coach of Roger Federer just 40 days after his inclusion to his team.

His mother, Aneke Rune, who’s also his manager, later clarified that scheduling conflicts were the primary reason for the split.

However, Rune’s mother has again come under the spotlight with a recent hint at the changes that are going to take place in the 20-year-old Dane’s team.

Holger Rune had earlier admitted how his mother plays a very key role in his team. Aneke Rune has been heavily involved in all the off-court dealings related to her son so far.

She has been a guide in Holger Rune’s life. But now, according to the Danish newspaper eb.dk Aneke Rune will no longer handle inquiries from the press.

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