June 25, 2024
Here’s how I see this negotiation playing out.

49ers OTAs start this week and Brandon Aiyuk reportedly won’t show up.

That’s because he wants a contract extension, and he and the 49ers remain far apart in the negotiations. The two sides have made no progress since before last month’s draft, according to The NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

Here’s how I see this negotiation playing out:

I’m guessing the 49ers would pay Aiyuk $25 million per season and he wants closer to $30 million per season. That would be a big difference. So if Aiyuk isn’t willing to take the 49ers’ offer, I think they’ll let him play out his rookie deal, then franchise tag him next year and trade him for a second-round pick.

That would be smarter than paying Aiyuk $30 million per season. Because he’s good, but he’s not great, and the 49ers don’t use him enough to justify paying him all that money and they know it.


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