June 25, 2024

Instead there was the familiar sight of Brendan Rodgers with arms aloft, hands waving, face smiling. Another title. Champions again.

It was different in so many ways to the ones he won before, but exactly the same in terms of joy and pride.

Some among the Celtic support did not want him back, or were sparing with their welcomes when he did return, but they all looked in thrall to him at Kilmarnock after a 5-0 victory clinched the Scottish Premiership title.

Trophies have a magic quality of making any ill feeling disappear in a puff of smoke.

His first league championship in 2016-17 was an invincible romp, his second a more stuttering affair but comfortable in the end.

The third title he has overseen from start to finish had elements of imperiousness, but not many.

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