June 17, 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Revealed: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As the Pittsburgh Steelers look to make it back to the postseason, they will face the third toughest schedule in the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have known who their opponents would be this coming season for quite a while. However, they didn’t know when and how they’d stack up on the regular season schedule.

Yet, that unknown is no more as the NFL released its full regular season schedule Wednesday at 8 p.m. (EST), and by the looks of it, the Steelers should be quite happy with how things played out.

But let’s take a further look at this schedule:

With eyes on reaching the postseason for the second straight season in a row, the first 10 games for the Steelers, at least on paper, make it seem likely. No, we aren’t saying Pittsburgh will go unbeaten through the first 10 games. However, we feel that the opening 10 games of the season don’t look too formidable.đŸššđŸ˜± LATEST NEWS! SAD NEWS FOR THE FANS OFSTEELERS PITTSBURGH STEELERS NEWS  TODAY

After opening the season on the road versus the Atlanta Falcons, where offensive coordinator Arthur Smith will look to beat the team that fired him this offseason, they play at the Denver Broncos, then host the Los Angeles Chargers in their home opener before going to the Indianapolis Colts.

Outside of maybe the Falcons, the Steelers will likely be favored in those games. Then, their next six games will see them play the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, Giants, and Washington Commanders.

On paper, the Cowboys and Jets are the toughest of those six opponents. However, to the Steelers’ advantage, both will be home games.

Taking at least six of the first 10 games will certainly be a good start to the season Steelers before they even get into divisional play.

The Bad: Early Road Trip

At first glance, there are potentially a lot of choices to put in this column. However, we feel that the “bad” of the Steelers’ schedule comes within the first two weeks, where they will immediately have a two-week road trip, taking on the Atlanta Falcons in the season-opener at Mercedes-Benz Stadium before traveling to Mile High Stadium, where they’ll face the Denver Broncos.


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