June 22, 2024

Drake or Kendrick Lamar? Which side of the ten-year dispute do you support? Numerous tunes from it have lately reached the Billboard 100 chart.

WTA No. 3 Coco Gauff was asked the topic lately, and she responded with great honesty and justification.

A little background first. Serena Williams may have been in a relationship with Drake before Williams met and wed Alexis Ohanian.

Drake and 21 Savage collaborated on the 2022 song Middle of the Ocean, which is about something I’m way too lazy to research. Nevertheless, there is a somewhat unnecessary diss of Williams and Ohanian in one section of the song.

It’s like you’re coming for sushi, no, boo. Ohanian, however, took issue with the song and posted on social media, saying things like I’m the best groupie for my wife and daughter. Williams also shared this sentiment.

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