June 14, 2024


Before the regular season’s last game, Southampton had lost three straight games. However, they ended the season with a 2-1 victory over Leeds United.

Russell Martin’s team now faces West Bromwich Albion in a two-leg play-off semi-final after finishing fourth in the league.

Jo Tessem, a former striker for Southampton, was thrilled with the team’s impressive display in front of the away fans:

I’m overjoyed that so many people attended this game. It’s a lengthy journey, and occasionally these games seem pointless and pointless.

It was an extremely powerful performance. It was effective both strategically and psychologically in terms of preparing the team for the postseason. I thought we had done something decent against Leeds.

In terms of our performance on the field, mental preparation, and rallying the squad, we got back to where we should be.

The important thing to remember here is that Russell Martin returned players to their strongest positions.

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