June 25, 2024

LSU Football facing massive concern with defensive line room

The LSU Football team entered the Spring Transfer Portal period with one massive need at defensive tackle. There was no speculation needed as Brian Kelly came out himself stating that the defensive tackle position was the only place LSU was looking to add players to their roster. The LSU Tigers however, have struck out in their pursuit of top defensive tackles leaving massive concerns.

The Tigers lost out Thursday night as they missed out on TCU transfer Damonic Williams who ended up committing to Oklahoma. Williams was the best defensive tackle in the transfer portal and LSU had a serious shot due to Bo Davis’ connection with Williams.

Damonic Williams - Football - TCU Athletics

The Tigers have also lost out on defensive tackle Phillip Blidi who went to Auburn despite LSU impressing him on a visit to the Spring Game. The latest loss is Michigan State defensive tackle Simeon Barrow Jr who committed to Miami on Friday Night after considering LSU, Texas, and Missouri.

The Tigers are now in a position where they may need to move away from looking for SEC Caliber talent to at least add bodies to the room.

Horned Frogs First Person: Damonic Williams - TCU Athletics

The LSU Tigers did offer Kent State Transfer CJ West early on in the transfer portal but, have seemingly fallen out of the race for West. The LSU Football staff may look to turn up the heat on CJ West in order to land a top defensive tackle.

Who’s coming in to fill this room after 2024?

The LSU Football team has such a depth issue at defensive tackle that you have to assume they’ll make it a top priority on the recruiting trail. The LSU Football team currently has no commitments at the defensive tackle position but, it’s not for a lack of effort. The LSU Tigers have offered scholarships to 37 defensive tackle in the 2025 recruiting class. Some of these players are committed however, as signing day is a long way away the LSU Tigers may end up flipping a few of them.

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