June 17, 2024


In his first game back in almost two weeks, Max Fried survived five innings and 76 pitches in an intrasquad game on Tuesday.

Even though Fried let up a few home runs and pitched wearing a Band-Aid on his left index finger—the finger that has been blistering frequently in recent weeks—it was probably all good for the Atlanta Braves.

Fried may not have been as sharp as usual because he threw with a bandage on, something he won’t be allowed to do in a game that matters.

Pitchers claim that using tape or a Band-Aid on a finger makes it difficult to feel pitches, especially on a finger that is as crucial to throwing a breaking ball as Fried’s index finger is for his renowned curveball and slider.

Unofficially, Fried was given credit for six hits and three runs (two earned), which included back-to-back home runs in the fourth inning by Sean Murphy and Kevin Pillar.

Three walks were issued to him, one of which came from the final three batters he faced in the fifth inning. He also had one strikeout. Oh, and in case you were wondering, his team lost 4-1.

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