June 22, 2024

In a recent Instagram post, it seems Holger Rune has found his new girlfriend. The 20-year-old made their relationship public by posting a picture of them together on Instagram.

In the images, Rune’s girlfriend Caroline Donzella was seen walking hand in hand with the player in a video, who gave a kiss to all the fans.

Coco Gauff is featured on the cover of TIME Magazine’s May issue, where she shares her journey and insights into her life and career as a professional tennis player.

In her candid discussion with Sean Gregory, Gauff talks about the challenges she faced as a teenager, including dealing with burnout and the pressures of playing for others rather than herself.

She mentions a turning point in her career following her first-round loss at Wimbledon, which led to a realization that she needed to play for herself.

This epiphany contributed to her subsequent success, including winning her first WTA 1000 and Grand Slam titles later in 2023.

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