June 16, 2024

Jackson Holliday gets sent back to the minors by the Baltimore Orioles following a nightmare start.

That, though, was short-lived.

On April 10, Jackson Holliday, a prospect for the Baltimore Orioles, was called up to the major leagues. Given that he is the son of former MLB great Matt Holiday, the occasion was much anticipated. Jackson’s appearance on the program was heralded as the beginning of an incredible career. https://www.365sportlinesinfo.co.uk/2024/04/28/just-inhuge-set-…altimore-orioles/ ‎

It was far from that.

Since being brought up from the minor leagues, Holiday has appeared in ten games and performed appallingly. He had a batting average of.059 in 34 at-bats, two hits, two walks, and eighteen strikeouts.

In order to give him time to restore his confidence and get out, Baltimore has decided to send him back down to Triple AAA.

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