June 25, 2024

Fostering Hope: Ray Davis’ incredible story of survival

Homeless at age 12, Kentucky running back Ray Davis hopes to inspire other children who are lost in the system.

Nine months ago, everybody wanted Ray Davis. Eleven years earlier, nobody did.

“I would sit there for days upon days texting family members, texting friends asking someone to just take me in temporarily, just for maybe a two-or three-week stint. So I could be back in the real world, so I can go to school,” Davis said. “But as the days go on, you start to realize that nobody wants you.”

Davis, one of the nation’s most coveted transfers as a 1,000-yard Southeastern Conference running back, has an incredible life story to share. From two stints in a homeless shelter to Vanderbilt graduate with many more chapters still to be penned.

“You never hear the success stories, you always hear the failure stories,” Davis said. “My goal is to be a successful story. I want to be an advocate for kids in the system, foster kids, because I once was like them. I experienced all the hardship that you go through being in that system, waiting for someone to adopt you or for someone not to want you because of how old you are or the background that you come from.”

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