June 17, 2024

Anthony Joshua may be one of the most famous sportsmen in the world – but he appears to be in no rush to settle down.

The former heavyweight world champion has been linked with a host of ladies – including Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid. But Joshua, who still lives with his mum at the age of 34, insists the rumours were not true.

Asked by BBC interviewer Louis Theroux last year if he had a girlfriend, Joshua said: “No, I don’t.

Pushed as to whether he would say if he did, the Londoner insisted: “Yeah, definitely. Imagine me going home to my missus now and she said, ‘You denied me!’.

I don’t want the stress. And asked specifically about Delevigne and Hadid, Joshua said: I haven’t been with any of those girls by the way.

Joshua was in a relationship with school friend Nicole Osbourne in his teens and the two have a son JJ, eight, together.

And of how he meets girls, the boxer said: I’ve had girlfriends. It could be in the local supermarket, or at thew petrol station, could be anywhere.

Joshua still lives with his mum and said any future wife will be marrying into his family. I still live with my mum. In our culture, we grew up in our own family home, we support our parents, he said.

Why am I going to move out and leave my mum by herself, for some girl? Family is the most important thing. When a girl gets with me, she ain’t just marrying me, she’s marrying my family.

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