June 25, 2024

Despite the success of the Walkerreboot, many viewers are understandably confused as to why Micki Ramirez actor Lindsey Morgan quit Walker in season 2.

Lindsey Morgan announced her departure from the show in October 2022. At the time, it was unclear what that would have entailed for her character.

While the announcement made it clear that Morgan’s time on the show would be short-lived, it was not immediately obvious why the Micki Ramirez actor quit in the first place.

In the reboot of the 1990s popular western drama Walker, Texas Ranger, Lindsey Morgan played the headstrong and methodic Texas Ranger Micki, one of the few women with ranking and one of the first Mexican American Texas rangers.

Morgan was chosen to star alongside Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker, the show’s main character.

While Padalecki’s character already existed in the original Walker, Texas Ranger and was its protagonist, Morgan’s Micki Ramirez was a character created specifically for the show’s reboot. Her final Walker episode was season 2, episode 6 “Douglas Fir,” and she has yet to return.

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