June 17, 2024

What you need to know about Georgia’s newest QB commit Jared Curtis

The best player in the 2026 class plans to be a Georgia Bulldogs.

Over the weekend, the nation’s No. 1-ranked prospect Jared Curtis announced his commitment to be the quarterback in Georgia’s class. He’s been trending toward the Bulldogs for close to a year now, and he made his decision while on a practice visit to Athens last weekend. Curtis becomes the first commitment in that recruiting cycle for the Bulldogs, so Kirby Smart will build the rest of his class around Curtis.

In this article, Dawgs247 connected with Curtis’ mother Barbara, his quarterback trainer Thomas Morris, and leaned on a previous conversation with Curtis to get more insights into Georgia’s newest add.

What is Georgia getting in new 2026 QB commit Jared Curtis?

“He’s an incredible kid. He comes from a great family. He’s a worker. I’ve trained him since sixth grade, so I’ve been with him for a while and gotten to know him real well,” Morris told Dawgs247. “He’s a kid with a great personality. He has a natural gravity to him where, obviously, when you’re a top player in the country people look up to you, but people really flock to him. He has a great personality where he can relate with anyone. No one’s too big for him and no one’s too small for him either.

So he’s a great leader, but he’s really just a worker. He wants to be great, and that’s one of the reasons I think he chose Georgia is he wants to be the best. He wants to be surrounded by the best. He wants to be challenged by the best. He wants to be coached by the best. So he really has this thing in him that he ticks a little different. He’s a different caliber guy, but his mindset is equal to his skill set.

We take a look at everything Georgia fans need to know about the Bulldogs’ newest addition to the 2026 class.Curtis hasn’t spoken much since going public with his decision to Georgia.

Those that read Dawgs247 regularly know we don’t typically peddle in player comparisons. But when a quarterback coach makes one, it’s worth paying attention to.

Morris, on multiple occasions, shared this tidbit when describing Curtis.

“His arm talent is unmatched, at least that I’ve worked with,” Morris said.

Well, who has Curtis worked with?

That’s a pretty notable list: Daniel Jones, AJ McCarron, Jacob Coker, Bailey Zappe among others.

“He’s just naturally just a little stronger than those guys. Now, obviously, I don’t know if he’s as strong as Daniel right now or not, but in my eyes, he has that NFL arm talent right now,” Morris added.

That led him into his player comparison — a big, physical NFL quarterback you might’ve heard of.

“To give him a comp, it’s a guy I don’t work with but do enjoy watching: It’s a guy named Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills. He reminds me of Josh because Josh is such a talented dude, but he has that little toughness about him where he’s a warrior. He’ll run you over. He can run it. He can throw it. He has an absolute cannon. I think Jared’s very similar to that, and maybe a little cleaner on his motion and stroke. He’s not as long as Josh, got a tight, compact motion, and that’s something he’s worked really hard on, his mechanics. He’s actually really mechanically sound for someone as big as he is who’s only a sophomore,” Morris said. “But he reminds you a little bit of Josh Allen-esque type of guy — big, strong, physical, and just a warrior. He’ll will you to victory.”

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