June 14, 2024

How Does Texas Rangers Top Pitching Prospect Jack Leiter Look?

SURPRISE, Ariz. —Catcher Sam Huff knows when to tell Jack Leiter to shut up. When Leiter, the Texas Rangers prized pitching prospect and No. 2 overall pick from the 2021 MLB draft, starts overanalyzing things, that’s when Huff knows to shut it down.


“There were stints where he’d talk to me in between innings, saying ‘Let’s do X,Y, and Z, and I’m sitting there looking at him,” said Huff, who understands the desire to overanalyze as a catcher. “If you’re throwing a fastball by guys, why would you throw a curveball, or why would you throw your third-best pitch? Why are you doing the hitter a favor?” In those moments, including before Leiter took a break last summer to reevaluate himself, Huff said Leiter was too often over-thinking on the mound.


“In the moment, you’ve got to slow him down,” Huff said. “When we talk, it’s about keeping it simple. If he talks to me about more than a couple of things, I’m going to shut him up. Just keep it simple

Rangers' prospect Jack Leiter rediscovering himself

.” Huff caught Leiter’s bullpen session during Wednesday’s workout. He sees a drastic difference from last season. Leiter is scheduled to pitch an inning in the Rangers’ Cactus League opener at 1 p.m. Friday at Surprise Stadium.


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