June 16, 2024

Chris Simms Faces Backlash For Calling Jalen Hurts Overrated And Suggesting Kyler Murray As Better Option For Eagles

Former NFL quarterback turned analyst Chris Simms has stirred up controversy among Philadelphia Eagles fans by criticizing their quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Speaking on the PHX Arizona Cardinals Podcast during Super Bowl week, Simms called Hurts “overrated” and suggested that Kyler Murray would have performed better for the Eagles.

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“I respect a lot about Jalen Hurts, but I think Jalen Hurts is also like the most overrated player in football. That’s me, I know I’m wrong, I take a lot of crap about that comment. But he plays quarterback for a team that’s an all-star team, they have the best O-line in football, it’s not even close. I just think if you put some other quarterback in Philly, you put Kyler Murray in there, you’d say ‘Damn, Kyler’s amazing. Is he the MVP of football?’ : Stated Simms

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He argued that Hurts benefits from playing on a team with a strong offensive line and that another quarterback like Murray would shine more in Philadelphia.

While Hurts didn’t replicate his stellar 2022 season, he still had impressive stats in 2023, completing over 65% of his passes for nearly 4,000 yards and 23 touchdowns, with an additional 15 touchdowns rushing. He earned his second Pro Bowl nod, showing his ability as a dual-threat quarterback.

Critics like Simms have consistently questioned Hurts, but blaming him for the Eagles’ shortcomings seems unfair, especially considering the role of coaching and playcalling in the team’s performance.

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