June 16, 2024

Justin Verlander dealing with concerning health issue

Houston Astros offer contracts to seven players for the 2024 season - AS USA

The Houston Astros are already dealing with some health concerns, even before spring training can really get underway.

Veteran ace Justin Verlander said Wednesday he is behind schedule after experiencing shoulder issues while preparing for spring training. Verlander admitted he was a couple of weeks behind his usual throwing program, and is not sure if he will be ready for Opening Day.

“I’m a little bit behind schedule now,” Verlander said, via Brian McTaggart of MLB.com. “I had a little hiccup early on that’s resolved itself, but I have to be really cautious at how I’m building up. I guess my body doesn’t respond the same at 40 as it did at 25. I’m a couple of weeks behind.”

Verlander turns 41 on Tuesday, so age will inevitably be a concern here. His famed durability has not quite been what it once was in recent seasons, as he last threw for 200 regular season innings in 2019. The current issue does not sound too serious, but it will probably raise some alarms.

Justin Verlander smiles

Houston’s pitching staff is already set to be short-handed this season. One would figure that they need to keep Verlander healthy by any means possible to remain World Series contenders.


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