July 13, 2024

Could  QB Face More Punishment From NFL?

The Houston Texans top all wildcard teams according to CBS

Former Houston Texans – and current Cleveland Browns – quarterback Deshaun Watson may be facing additional testimony for one of his sexual assault lawsuits spanning back to 2021. Per USA TODAY, a Harris County, Texas court was asked to “compel Watson to testify in another in-person deposition.

” Having last testified on June 9, the request claims Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, ended the deposition early when questions about separate sexual assault questions came about. This may have improperly prevented Watson from disclosing certain facts or answers relevant to the case.

Of the 26 women who brought lawsuits against Watson, two remain – 23 reached settlements and one was withdrawn. Watson was suspended by the NFL for 11 games during the 2022 season, delaying the start of his Cleveland career.

Now, NFL reporter Mike Florio suggests that the league may once again punish Watson. “Absent a settlement or dismissal, the remaining claims against Watson will go to trial at some point,” Florio wrote. “Although he has been suspended 11 games by the NFL for the allegations, the league has not completely ruled out the possibility of further punishment, given the evidence that could emerge in the remaining cases and/or eventual verdicts.”

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However, this runs contrary to Tom Pelissero’s reporting from August 2022, as pointed out by Brad Stainbrook.


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