June 17, 2024

Milwaukee Bucks’ star Breaks Silence on Nasty Divorce, Custody Battle: ‘You Carry It With You’

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Damian Lillard has earned a reputation for being one of the coldest players this game has ever seen. The Bucks got their first experience of a legitimate Dame Time moment last month when Lillard hit an epic 32-foot game-winner in overtime against the Sacramento Kings.

As always, Lillard looked unfazed after hitting what was the biggest shot of his fledgling career in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks Star Damian Lillard Speaks Out on Divorce

Don’t let the unemotional facade fool you, though. At the end of the day, Lillard is still a human being, and while he may not be the most emotional person out there, the 33-year-old still has a lot going on under his chest — especially considering what he’s been going through in his personal life of late.

Dame hasn’t been vocal about his ongoing divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Kay’La Lillard. This also includes a brutal custody battle for their three kids, all of whom currently reside with Kay’La in Portland.

In a recent interview, Dame admits that all this has been taking its toll:

“You got to keep pushing forward, you know? I think that’s the best thing,” Lillard said, via Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. “I mean, as people we all know, you got to go home to your own stuff, everybody that can watch our games they go to their personal stuff, and it plays a part in how you do your job and how your every day goes.”

‘You Carry It With You’

Lillard went on to acknowledge how much all this has impacted his job as a professional basketball player. As much as he wants to keep things compartmentalized, the harsh reality is that there’s just no way these two aspects of his life don’t intertwine:

“As much as I love basketball, and I love my job, I don’t care about it more than I care about my kids. Of course you carry it with you,” Lillard said. “People say, ‘When I hoop I ain’t thinking about nothing,’ but I’m not 21. I got three kids. I’m tight with my family and I’m going through a divorce.”

That’s a brutally honest admission from Dame about how he has been handling his personal issues. Needless to say, it hasn’t been easy at all.

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks fans are hoping that Lillard has enough in him to still be the best player he can be despite these taxing family problems. As human beings, we all have to be wishing that this all gets resolved at the soonest possible time — especially for the sake of the children.


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