June 25, 2024

He Addresses Criticism Around Joining Milwaukee Bucks Over Miami Heat

Miami Heat Fans Should Appreciate this Team While They Can

Milwaukee Bucks star guard Damian Lillard recently shared his feelings about people who believe he should have joined the Miami Heat

Miami Heat fans remember the day of superstar guard Damian Lillard’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks in the offseason.

But the regular season is proving the Heat fan base has a multitude of topics to discuss with excitement. The six-game difference in the Bucks’ and Heat’s records has led to people questioning whether Lillard made the correct choice.

“It led to skepticism and the belief that not only will the Bucks not get back to the Finals, but that Lillard would be better off in his original preferred destination, Miami,” Goodwill wrote.

“I don’t have to fight against it. Because I’ve been around long enough to know that’s the conversation. It’s never gonna stop,” Lillard said about the Miami talk from the summer. “People will always do that. I take solace in knowing, I’ve seen teams rolling, 50-60 games and the first time they hit adversity or have a collapse, they’ll just roll [over].”

The strongest argument for him making the wrong pick comes from the coaching staff. The Bucks recently fired coach Adrian Griffin, while Heat coach Erik Spoelstra received one of the biggest extensions in coaching history.

Damian Lillard | Milwaukee Bucks | NBA.com

Lillard is a difference-maker regardless of the circumstances around him, but time has yet to tell if the All-Star guard landed at the right destination.

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