June 25, 2024

His extension coming in due time, no matter how far Lions’ beloved QB takes franchise this postseason

In Michigan, where the hometown Detroit Lions are hoping to win their first conference championship game in the color television era, hockey games are breaking out amid Jared Goff chants statewide.

Seemingly everywhere one turns in Michigan, it’s all about Goff, the starting quarterback of the Lions. The city and state love him; that much is clear. And perhaps as soon as seven weeks from now, the Lions will show just how much they love him in the form of a new contract extension.

Sources tell CBS Sports both Goff and the Lions are very interested in an extension this offseason, and there’s little reason to doubt a deal will get hammered out well ahead of the 2024 season.

“[The Lions] are completely sure he wants to be there,” one source said.

One thing that became clear in talking with sources is that, while the quarterback market obviously matters, Goff’s ranking on the salary charts isn’t something he is going to sweat. This past offseason saw the quarterback market reset three times, with Joe Burrow topping everyone at $55 million per year in average annual value. It’s possible Dak Prescott outdoes that this offseason with his incredible leverage over the Dallas Cowboys, and there’s no question the league is close to the first $60 million quarterback.

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