June 19, 2024

He ‘would be one of the guys to go’ if the Kings make a deal

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Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee and Candlestick Chronicles Podcast joined Stiles & Watkins to talk about the Sacramento Kings’ recent struggles and how the 49ers matchup against the Detroit Lions.

The Kings were able to get back in the win column on Monday on the back of Harrison Barnes scoring 32 points. While averaging only 11.1 points, his lowest since his final season with the Golden State Warriors, Biderman says Barnes’ value comes more from the intangibles.

“He’s a veteran. He’s older than a lot of the core guys,” Biderman said. “I wonder about his health. You saw him wearing the knee-sleeve and Malik Monk alluded to it and Mike Brown sort of talked about it too postgame that having days games off and getting a big Harrison Barnes performance doesn’t seem like a coincidence.”

But with a league-friendly contract, Biderman could see Barnes be moved before the NBA trade deadline if the Kings were to make a move.

Jalen Johnson #1 of the Atlanta Hawks passes the ball around Harrison Barnes #40 of the Sacramento ...

“It feels like he would certainly be one of the guys to go if they were to make a deal,” Biderman said.

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