June 22, 2024

Insider Explains Austin Reaves’ Future in LA Amid Trade Talk

Is Reaves safe from being traded this season?

One of your Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest trade pieces for any deal is shooting guard Austin Reaves. His value around the league is high, and he is on a very team-friendly contract.

Reaves has grown his game a lot over the last two seasons, and it has seen him take on a much bigger role for the Lakers. However, there are times that he has been inconsistent, which has hurt the team on the floor.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, Reaves could end up being moved. The Lakers don’t want to part ways with him, but if the right deal presents itself, they may move him.

Austin Reaves Doesn't Reason with Doubt | NBA.com

The team has been linked with All-Star guards Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls and Dejounte Murray of the Atlanta Hawks. Both players could help this team, but Reaves likely wouldn’t be in either of those deals.

Lakers Insider Jovan Buha of The Athletic revealed the status of Reaves with the deadline coming up.

Reaves isn’t likely going anywhere, which is good news. If the Lakers can keep him around, he could provide a nice scoring option in the postseason.

He showed that the bright lights don’t bother him, which is huge for the Lakers front office. However, the Lakers do need to make some upgrades this season.

Adding in either of the two All-Star guards from above would help, and keeping Reaves makes them even more formidable. The clock is ticking on the season for the Lakers, but there is still time to work it all out.

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