June 22, 2024

Miles McBride blames his fourth-quarter game management for Knicks’ loss

The career-high points in back-to-back games didn’t matter to Miles “Deuce” McBride.

Not after what looked to be a promising win for the Knicks and their backup point guard, who started a second straight game in place of an injured Jalen Brunson, turned into a messy, 98-94 loss to Orlando at the Garden.

“Honestly, no,” McBride said when asked if he had a good feeling after tallying 20 points in Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day game after scoring a previous career-high 19 against the Grizzlies on Saturday. “I’d rather have zero points and a win. That’s just my mindset. It wasn’t enough to get the win. It’s pretty much what I have to say about that.”

The 2021 second-round pick out of West Virginia started off hot, splashing his first two 3-pointers.

His momentum continued to carry the Knicks, including in the fourth quarter when he hit a deep shot, grabbed a steal and deflected a pass on consecutive possessions.

That sequence warranted a standing ovation from the Knicks’ bench and a loud “Deuce” cheer from the crowd.

Without Brunson, the Knicks’ leader, McBride has been handed a lot of responsibility, which he said he failed to handle in the final minutes Monday as the Knicks went cold.

“I’d say it’s my fault as a point guard. I needed to get everybody where they needed to be and manage the game a little bit better at the end,” he said. “They went on a few runs where they had a couple of tough buckets. Had some rebounds we should have gotten but I think that’s on me. I gotta make sure I get everybody where they need to be and take control.”

Teammates and head coach Tom Thibodeau spoke highly of McBride’s efforts — efforts that were expected when given this opportunity.

“I was very pleased with Deuce, he gave us really good minutes. He’s doing terrific,” Thibodeau said.

Miles McBride said he'd "rather have zero points and a win" after the Knicks' loss to the Magic.

“I knew he was a talented player,” OG Anunoby said when asked if he knew of McBride’s skills before joining the Knicks. “I remember him in college as well. So, I always knew he had the talent.”


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