June 14, 2024

“I Would Want It To Be Luka” Allen Iverson Expresses Desire For Backcourt Partnership With Luka Doncic, Citing Deadly Potential

The NBA Most Valuable Player of 2001 and eleven times NBA All-Star, Allen Iverson has recently stated in an interview with Rachel Nichols on the programme “Headliners With Rachel Nichols” that he would love to engage in backcourt play with the Slovenian star Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. Iverson was one of the most prominent talents of the NBA and has made an incredible name in the league.

According to Fadeaway World, he shared, “I would want it to be Luka…Because he’s a big point guard. I can still play the two. He can guard the two, I can guard the one. I think it’d be just deadly.”

Iverson had guided the Philadelphia 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals; however, the 76ers lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, which had two top players, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. In 2021, the talented player was also named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

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Iverson is often highlighted as one of the most proficient scorers and shooting guards in the league. He is also recognized as a player who has garnered the top levels of the NBA league when he was active.

He has also mentioned Luka Doncic as his perfect guard and the one he would love to play with currently. He has also underlined the explosive stature the partnership would have, as Doncic provides a huge physical presence on the court.

The Dallas Mavericks are 22-15 in the season and are standing sixth in the Western Conference. The dynamic duo of Doncic and Kyrie Irving is giving novel success to the Mavericks. Doncic also gave stellar performances in the current season, back-to-back. Iverson also further demonstrates their partnership as having a powerful structure.

Luka Doncic and Allen Iverson are both recognized for their offensive calibre, and they would successfully be able to encounter the obstacles of the backcourt. However, one of the similarities between the two players is their outstanding scoring prowess. In 2016, Iverson was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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