On the offense’s struggles in the second half

We didn’t play our best football, we weren’t playing mistake-free football. We had a lot of mistakes, shoot, we didn’t really deserve to win. But the guys played for each other. We depended on each other, we trusted our coaches, our game plan and each other.

On Blake Corum’s game-winning touchdown run in overtime

It’s Blake, man, I saw it in his eyes. He had the devil in his eyes or something, the demons were coming out. We knew we had to be physical between the tackles, get our run game going, which we got away from in the second half. 

On beating Alabama

We got asked a lot about, ‘Oh, Alabama has the five-stars.’ But we got walk-ons who play special teams who play their hearts out every play. We’ve got guys who play for Michigan, play for the guys who have been here previously.