June 14, 2024

Bruins May Have Plan B If Flames Lindholm Too Pricey

According to Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now , a league source has confirmed that Tyler Johnson could be on the trading block in Chicago. If so, Murphy wonders if he could potentially be a fit for the Boston Bruins, should the Bruins miss on Elias Lindholm.

In a recent article discussing the Bruins interest in Lindholm and the price it would take to acquire him from the Calgary Flames, Murphy suggested the Bruins see Lindholm as the ideal fit to fill their need for a two-way center. But, he won’t come cheap. The Flames understand he’ll be coveted ahead of the trade deadline and they want a solid return and assets the Bruins don’t necessarily have to give.

Former Houston starting OL Tyler Johnson transfers to Colorado

As such, Boston might need to target a player that could be useful, but based on his age, price, and the demand for his services, won’t require significant pieces in a trade.

Would Johnson Really Be a Fit for the Bruins?

While he suggests the idea, Murphy doesn’t seem necessarily sold on the plan to target Johnson if Lindholm is unattainable. He writes that Johnson isn’t a top-six center anymore, and despite his Stanley Cup pedigree and experience, a “lack of size and jam at this point in his career” makes it unlikely he’s a serious candidate. However, Murphy does concede, “but “…at this point, one can expect the Bruins to be linked to most centers that become available on the trade market.”

The Bruins are playing well again this season, currently leading in the Atlantic Division. An acquisition of Johnson likely wouldn’t cost an unreasonable amount for Bruins GM Don Sweeney and if they can bring in a player that would help without disrupting what’s working, it might not be a bad move.

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