On Tamin Lipsey breaking the steals record

What I can say, first of all, Tamin has eight steals and breaking the record that may or may not – one of the guys with seven – went to the same high school and be a personal friend of mine. But I think Tamin is going to be very stubborn with all the records. That he is going to keep breaking. It’s great to see him set the tone for us defensively that way. He’s just got great instincts. He’s somebody that has a great nose for the basketball. He’s ahead of plays offensively and defensively. And he just reads things. He’s so smart. He has such great instincts. We’ll continue to see over his career, him doing things that are very uncommon. We are not far away from the triple-double he had. And with Tamin it’s never about the numbers. It’s about the character, the hard work and it may or may not be shattering records held by a guy called the Mayor who went to his high school.

On how understand, develop instincts

I think Tamin is somebody that he stays focused and locked into the moment. He has great…he’s very intelligent. But a step beyond that, it’s combining intelligence, focus and effort all at the same time to do what he does. It’s hard to do. Then it’s doing those things regardless of what’s going on around you – the score of the game or a shot went in or something else. So, he’s very unique with that skillset. He’s competitive as anybody could be. He continues to develop those instincts by how focused and how locked in he is every moment. I wish we could take credit for it. We definitely hold him to a high standard and continue doing it. But that’s Tamin being Tamin and we’re going to keep holding him to doing that.