June 22, 2024

Have The Cavs Finally Found Their Enforcer?

After the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat on Friday, Georges Niang’s teammates made a declaration about what he brings to the team.

For all the talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers not having an edge after last year ended, the team seems to have nipped that issue in the bud. Guys like Max Strus and Tristan Thompson have brought a toughness and a nastiness that the wine-and-gold hasn’t had for quite some time in past seasons.

But there’s one addition in particular who has caught the attention of many in the locker room with his attitude: Georges Niang.

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“We have this ongoing joke of who’s the enforcer of the group. I won’t say who said who’s who, but Georges took a step in the right direction tonight I think,” Donovan Mitchell said after Friday’s win at Miami.

“I think he is the enforcer,” Darius Garland added. “Georges Niang, he’s a dawg. He comes in, talks a lot of stuff. He gets all the techs, all the hard fouls, so I guess he is the enforcer now. We’re changing Minivan to G-Wagon. Yeah, we’re officially changing Minivan to G-Wagon for all the fans out there.”

Though Niang scored 13 points in 20 critical minutes for the Cavs, it was his defense, timely makes and ability to get under the Heat’s skin that stood out.

“That’s something that we’ve been missing,” Cleveland head coach J.B. Bickerstaff said. “I think the addition of him and Max, there’s just a grit to ’em. There’s a never-back-down mentality.

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