July 13, 2024

Leigh Leopards set for another signing for Super League 2024 following capture of Matt Moylan

LEIGH LEOPARDS are set for another signing for the 2024 Super League season following the capture of Matt Moylan, owner Derek Beaumont has revealed.

Speaking to the club’s YouTube channel, Beaumont explained how he wants to keep progressing the Leigh squad, despite the fact that come 2025 they will be a Grade A club and safe from relegation.

The Leopards owner explained how, when the real IMG grades are given out, Leigh will score a minimum of 15.05 points following more investment.

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With ex-Cronulla veteran Moylan joining as a marquee signing, Beaumont continues to invest in the Leigh playing squad even though it might not matter too much in the grand scheme of things when the end of 2024 comes.

“I could have saved that money for the club and not signed Matt Moylan and gone with what we had and likewise with the one more player we are looking to bring in. We didn’t have to invest there either because it doesn’t really matter,” Beaumont told the club’s YouTube channel.

“We are a Grade A, we will be safe no matter what. But, for me, I want to be signing Matt Moylan, I want to be signing the next player we are working on because I want the best players playing for Leigh Leopards. I don’t want to be bumbling along.”

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Beaumont went further, stating that his desire will always be to improve.

“My point is that it doesn’t matter how many new players you get, of course we want to keep progressing and build the squad and build underneath as well so as we progress and as we grow, it’s only a few tweaks.

“You’ve always got to look to improve and that’s no disrespect to any players that have been here last year because they’ve done magnificent and the year before and the many years before that.

“We’ve got new players coming in. The big headline people talk about will be Matt Moylan, for obvious reasons.”

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