June 25, 2024

Cleveland Native Tries To Recruit Travis Kelce To Play For Browns

The Cleveland Browns have some solid tight ends on their roster, but there’s a big difference between ‘solid,’ and ‘first-ballot Hall of Famer.’

That’s why Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly wants to help his team out by recruiting one of the greatest — if not the greatest — players to ever grace that position: Travis Kelce.

Kelce is an Ohio native who — literally — begged the Browns to take him and cried when they didn’t draft him.

Fast forward to today, and he’s the undisputed alpha dog at the position and one of the best to ever do it.

With that in mind, Kelly offered him $500,000 cash for personal shopping, as well as matching that donation to both of their high schools, free breakfast and coffee delivery from his restaurant, and even fresh-baked pizza in the locker room every day if he just agreed to come home and suit up for the Browns (via More For You Cleveland).

Kelce laughingly admitted that it was his dream and his original plan, yet things simply didn’t work out that way for him.

He also said that, as good as the offer is, his situation with the Chiefs is pretty good right now, although he did acknowledge that he would consider the offer as long as his brother Jason also agrees to suit up for the Browns.

Machine Gun Kelly offers Travis Kelce $500,000 to play for the Cleveland  Browns

Needless to say, that sounds a bit far-fetched, but we’ve seen crazier things happen in this league, so who’s to say the Kelces won’t collude to get one run with their hometown team?


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